Quality. Style. Tanaaya.

Having opened in 2018, the designers and tailors at Tanaaya have done a remarkable job of keeping all the new Indian & South Asian fashion trends alive. From opulent bridal lehengas and intricate hand embroidered groomsmen sherwanis, to the easier-to-wear kurtis & kurtas, we are aiming to have every customer walk out with a comfortable outfit to wear, no matter what the occasion. We have a spectacular vision for couture: outfits that are fashionable and appropriate for any occasion while keeping them comfortable with light fabrics, blended designs that are unique and fusionistic, and embellished garments and accessories that are the talk of the street. We are well known for a ravishing collection of clothing lines blending traditional crafts with contemporary fashion. With inspiration from the arts, music and handicrafts, our workshops aim to highlight every customer’s unique tastes in couture. With seasonal styles, we aim to provide for the sunny sailors as well as the wintery wonders alongside every person in between.

We look forward to dressing you!